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The Casino Game Of Pontoon

The game of pontoon is a variation of the popular casino game known as blackjack. Pontoon is a popular British card game whilst blackjack is an American card game. Fundamentally pontoon is exactly the same as blackjack, except for a handful of minor differences. Pontoon is ideal for players who enjoy the game of blackjack, but who are also looking for some variety or a slight twist to their regular game.

Main differences In The Game Of Pontoon

1) Dealers Cards Are Dealt Face Down: The only exception to this rule occurs when the dealer hits pontoon (an ace and a picture card). In this case, the dealer will show their hand immediately and everyone on the table will lose their bets.

2) A Stand-Off Is A Loss: In the game of blackjack, a stand-off is counted as a draw. In pontoon however, a stand-off is counted as a loss.

3) A Pontoon By The Dealer Is A Loss: Everyone will lose their bet if the dealer scores a pontoon, even if a player also scores a pontoon.

4) Tens Are Removed From The Cards: Some say that the removal of the ten cards in pontoon makes it less likely to bust. Although this is true in theory, it also means that the dealer is also less likely to bust.

5) No Insurance Bet In Pontoon: You cannot bet on insurance in the game of pontoon. This is because the dealer is given two cards instead of one at the beginning of a hand. If the dealer hits pontoon after dealing out the cards, the hand will be over immediately.

6) Five Card Tricks And Pontoon Beat 21: If a dealer scores a regular 21, the only two ways to win the hand are by scoring a pontoon, or by hitting what is known as a five card trick. A five card trick is a hand consisting of five cards that equal 21 or less.

7) Pontoon And Five Card Tricks Pay 2 to 1: You have two chances to get paid 2 to 1 in pontoon. In the event of a pontoon or five card trick, you will get paid at the rate of 2 to 1. This is assuming that the dealer does not have pontoon, in which event you will lose the hand.

Pontoon is an ideal variation for anyone who enjoys playing blackjack. The slight variations make the game of pontoon interesting and entertaining. Pontoon also offers insight into how the British view and play the popular game of American blackjack.

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