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Online Casinos With Live Dealers

While the growing popularity of online casinos cannot be doubted, one of the more important concerns that players have is how secure and fair the games provided are. Many online casinos give their players assurance by using software developed by well-known software providers, that make use of complex random number generators to ensure fairness. These developers, in turn, make sure to create excellent games that have no bias towards the casino. Despite this, there are sill those that believe that online casinos include safety nets in their software to at the least tilt the probabilities to favor the casino. At worst, some feel that, at the most important moments in the game, the online casino's software will cheat them of their deserved winnings.

While some players will continue to play despite these misgivings, others will simply choose not to play. In an effort to provide greater assurance for their players, some online casinos have begun to offer live dealer games as an additional service for their players. There are even online casinos that run their games exclusively using live dealers. The belief is that more people will be able to trust a real dealer over a computer program, even if that dealer is miles away and visible only through a live feed. Live dealers are typically set up at a casino studio that has been designed to look like a real casino. Through the aid of video cameras at each table, players are able to see the dealer's actions, and often can also see several other tables in the background as well.

Special Optical Character Recognition software allows the gaming software to read the cards and decide wins and payouts, and the software also relays instructions for the dealer, and even allows communication with the dealer through chat. Many players feel that this not only allows for greater transparency, security and fair play, but also provides a better casino experience as well. After all, one of the difficulties with online casinos is that, while they can provide the games, they rarely provide a social aspect to the casino, aside from chat. Online casinos with live dealers provide that missing social experience, where players can watch others win, and can hear as well as see a dealer's congratulations for a hand well-played.

At present, online casinos provide live dealer games with casino games such as blackjack, baccarat and even roulette. While less common, live dealer poker can also be played at some online casinos, with more games being developed as well. Live dealer games are becoming more available, as the demand for live dealer games rises. As technology advances, they may even become even more immersive, providing an even more real casino experience. However, this does not mean that all online casinos will eventually provide only live dealer services. There will be players that prefer to have games without live dealers, and online casinos are more than happy to provide both services for players of all kinds.

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